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3rd Annual Gala 2019

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​African American healthcare disparities continue to exist despite well documented evidence. Along with African American Health disparities, the poor representation of African American nurses in health care and academia is also evident and documented. Both of these issues are unacceptable realities and contribute to healthcare disparities of all minorities and those of lower socio-economic status.




African American Women have a lower incidence of breast cancer compared to Caucasian Women yet AA Women die at a higher rate than Caucasian Women. Black Women are dying more than any other race due to breast cancer.  This is a well known disparity that we must not accept.

"Let's Make A Difference!"


Many sources such as the CDC verify that African Americans have the highest cause of death due to heart disease amongst all ethinc groups.

"Let's Make A Difference!"

According to NYS Dept. of Health (2012), African Americans were hospitalized more and died more than any other race due to Diabetes.  Why are AA high death rates acceptable? Why do African Aemricans  have the highest rate of Diabetes and Obesity?

"Let's Make A Difference!"

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