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Black is certainly beautiful. The color of strength and resilence...from whence all comes. We are​ proud to be called a Black Nurse and just as proud to be called an African American Nurse.
The Black Nurses Coalition includes all our darker skinned nurses, as all our ancestors hail from somewhere, as we 'migrated" from Africa and other places.  Black Nurses, African American Nurses, Nurses of Color,……. That’s BNC!
The BNC is for all people of color and not just nurses. The BNC serves the community. We want to inform, educate,advocate and improve the quality life of African Americans and other minorities.

The Black Nurses Coalition was inspired by my mother, Edna Joyce Robinson. The organization was launched March 21, 2014, which would have been her 74th birthday. My mother died of breast cancer at the young age of 54.


My mother was always willing to help those in need. She instilled the virtues of love, pride, strength, perseverance, caring and altruism in me at an early age. She taught me that all things are possible.....often not immediate but possible. I learned" up close and personal" how extensive health care disparities exist and that treatment is not fair and equal. It did not take a report from the Institute of Medicine to point that out for me.


Racism and discrimination is as prevalent now as it was when my mother was alive. She showed me that you can make a difference, as she did in so many ways. Together we can make a difference!


Dr. BJ

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