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The mission of the Black Nurses Coalition is to decrease /eliminate health care disparities among minorities and low socio-economic individuals. We seek to improve health awareness of people of color and increase the knowledge of healthcare resources, as well be a community resource. The Black Nurses Coalition promotes the empowerment of African American and minority nurses to advocate for the mission. The Black Nurses Coalition promotes the empowerment of AA nurses to advocate for themselves and the healthcare needs of all African Americans, other minorities, and oterh underserved populations. The Black Nurses Coalition provides a forum for the African American  and Minority nurse to learn, grow, share, empower, mentor and advocate in areas that impact the healthcare of African Americans and the plight of the African American Nurse. Building community partnerships is also vital to our mission.


The vision of The Black Nurses Coalition is to increase upward mobility of African American nurses and increase African American nurses at the bedside, as well as in leadership positions; which includes the senior management, research and the academic arena (undergraduate and graduate levels). The BNC advocates for fair, culturally competent, and equal health care for African Americans and minorities; which will in turn aide in decreasing, and eventually eliminating, health care disparities.

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